Portsmouth Sustainable Energy & Climate Change Centre - PSECC

Facilitaors for Climate Change Mitigation  - Renewable Energy Technologies, Advice, Grants & funding.


PSECC has been formed to provide advice, support and guidance on Climate Change, Global Warming, Renewable Energy, Grants and Funding provision for the people of Portsmouth, Portsmouth & Hampshire Council’s, Governments, schools, colleges, Commercial & International clients. 

Do not leave Global Warming to others, we must do more, energy efficiency also Renewable Energy - Solar PV, Biomass, Wind & Water Turbines, Carbon Capture & Storage & Nuclear, do we risk limited action, can we take the risk?? NO

Servicess - facilitators

PSECC will endeavor to develop in Portsmouth City Renewable Energy projects that can be owned by the Council for revenue purposes.

BREEAM Global trained.

Climate Change Mitigation

Solar PV Tender Management

Sustainable Development Master Planning

Country, County, City or project Energy Policy & Strategy

Renewable Energy Technology provision selection

Funding & Grant provision

Children’s Education Portal - Climate Change & Global Warming


If you value mankind then please make a donation to the work of PSECC, which is a Not-for-Profit organisation.

solar pv array

Home - Climate Crisis www.climatecrisis.netA PLAN to Solve the Climate Crisis. Al Gore's new book is an inspiring call to
action for those ready to fight for solutions to save the Earth's climate. 1 2 3 ...


Integrated Waste Management Plants - MSW

PSECC make move into waste management was to indicate repeated reuse of Energy by Recycling - Life-Lcycle-Analysis (LCA). Also to  indicate to the Waste Management sector that Integrated Waste Management untilising full recycle, reuse and reduction of waste is  a far better choice than mass burn EFW such as passed by Portsmouth Planners and Waste Staff at PCC. EFW is NOT SUSTAINABLE and has a one off gain as compared to recycling that has numerous on going gains in energy reuse.

Sea Level rises from 1990 to 2100 04[1].03

As ice caps melt there is a danger that the ocean conveyor system will close down resulting in more Hurricans, Tornadoes over land mass and not just over the sea, sea level rises and the balance of fresh water and sea water alters resulting in a desalination and major climate shift. Storm surges could result and a “Super Storm” results in pulling down much colder air resulting in much of the Worlds land mass being under thick belts of snow & ice, another ice age.


PSECC’s work in Kenya with partners - development commenced 2012 to current time - ongoing.


PSECC - and parent organisation PSECC in the UK have been asked by the UN Bankers in Nairobi to put forward ideas for First Mover funding - Kenyalight is one of those ideas and is being developed currently. Also we are requesting from Kiva in USA that we are considered for status of Kiva Field Partners for Kenyalight - Solar for the people of Kenya.


PSECC_KENYA- Kenyalight - Home

16 Jul 2013 - UNEP - Renewable Energy Performance Platform - PSECC have approached Kiva in the USA for for consideration for Field Partner status, SMEP of Kenya will administer loans.

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Climate Change is a real issue affecting much of the World. Kenya, like other Global Countries have issues with Climate Change & Global Warming...PSECC-Kenya assists UN  and are being assisted by the UN appointed Frankfurt Bank in Nairobi with First Mover project consideration.

 Rural Energy Foundation,Sub-Saharan Africa... - Ashden Awards

1.   Solar Cooking in Africa - A Remarkable Technology Transfer ...

29 Jul 2010 - Uploaded by Patricia McArdle

This video shows the remarkable technology transfer that is taking place in Africa as thousands of people are ...


Kenyalight being considered for UNEP - REPP funding for Kenya Project.

Resource Ownership Concept.


As Portsmouth develop Renewable energy such as Solar PV it is important that this development is truly Sustainable. The “Resource Ownership” concept could enable long term Sustainable Energy for the Country and not just exploited by quick buck companies. - a concept developed by Alan.J.Brewer MSc. over 18 years of PSECC’s work - a concept whereby a City can receive extra funding from Renewable Energy generation by owning such things as Solar Farms & Wind turbines. The revenue will come from the Feed-In-Tariff (FIT) paid per KW generated   $millions..   GOVERNMENT OWN THE RESOURCES WITHIN YOUR BOUNDARY,  PSECC can assist in raising all funding required for such development as Solar Farms and Wind Turbines to be owned by the Government. Any costs associated with a Solar Farm Water Turbines or Wind Turbines are paid back from the FIT so there is no requirement for funding or cash outlay from Governments - PSECC supply Energy Savings & Resource Ownership loans in the UK.

PSECC - attempting to raise the profile of the Future Solent Low Carbon programme

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