Portsmouth Sustainable Energy & Climate Change Centre - PSECC

Facilitaors for Climate Change Mitigation  - Renewable Energy Technologies, Advice, Grants & funding.


PSECC has been formed to provide advice, support and guidance on Climate Change, Global Warming, Renewable Energy, Grants and Funding provision for the people of Portsmouth, Portsmouth & Hampshire Council’s, Governments, schools, colleges, Commercial & International clients. 

Do not leave Global Warming to others, we must do more, energy efficiency also Renewable Energy - Solar PV, Biomass, Wind & Water Turbines, Carbon Capture & Storage & Nuclear, do we risk limited action, can we take the risk?? NO



Marine Current Turbines Ltd

PSECC products indicate some of the technology that can be untilised to reduce Climate Change and Global Warming.

As ice caps melt there is a danger that the ocean conveyor system will close down resulting in more Hurricans, Tornadoes over land mass and not just over the sea, sea level rises and the balance of fresh water and sea water alters resulting in a desalination and major climate shift. Storm surges could result and a “Super Storm” results in pulling down much colder air resulting in much of the Worlds land mass being under thick belts of snow & ice, another ice age.

PSECC provide funding & technology options to combat Global Warming

Solar Photo-voltaic Panels, Solar PV, Solar Thermal, strategic Planning, Building Design Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Technologies, Grants & Funding arrangement

Energy Crops -                                        Miscanthus Grass, Willow & Rape Farmers consortia formation Agronomic Advice Grants & Funding arrangement


Wind Turbines & Wind Farms Site Location & Design Technology provision EIA & Funding cab be arranged through PMSS.

Integrated Waste Management Plants - the main reason for recycling and reuse of resources is saving on energy use in their manufacture .(MSW) Build Design Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Technologies, Grants & Funding arrangement


PSECC utilize this company for the best Solar PV Solar Farm offers and self - funding loans that pay for themselves from the feed-in-tariff that enables commercial & residential clients to retain full Feed-In-Tariffs (FIT’s) for home installations of Solar PV.


How are these farms built?


Before any farms can be developed there is a need to obtain planning permission. Any plans for a local solar farm will be considered by your local planning authority.

 As part of the planning process a range of studies, typically to find out about the existing ecology and other aspects of the site. These reports and the design for the solar farm will make up the planning application.

 Typically the construction phase of a 40 acre site would be around 16 weeks. Over this period there would be up to 100 lorry deliveries to the site. There may be some construction noise, but far less than for most other types of developments. After construction, traffic to the solar farm will be minimal with occasional maintenance visits and ground maintenance e.g. through mowing or grazing.


polar bears_wakeup

Solar Street Bin - wifi connected             


Integrated Waste Management Plants - MSW

PSECC make move into waste management was to indicate repeated reuse of Energy by Recycling - Life-Lcycle-Analysis (LCA). Also to  indicate to the Waste Management sector that Integrated Waste Management untilising full recycle, reuse and reduction of waste is  a far better choice than mass burn EFW such as passed by Portsmouth Planners and Waste Staff at PCC. EFW is NOT SUSTAINABLE and has a one off gain as compared to recycling that has numerous on going gains in energy reuse.

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