Portsmouth Sustainable Energy & Climate Change Centre - PSECC

Facilitaors for Climate Change Mitigation  - Renewable Energy Technologies, Advice, Grants & funding.


PSECC has been formed to provide advice, support and guidance on Climate Change, Global Warming, Renewable Energy, Grants and Funding provision for the people of Portsmouth, Portsmouth & Hampshire Councilís, Governments, schools, colleges, Commercial & International clients. 

Do not leave Global Warming to others, we must do more, energy efficiency also Renewable Energy - Solar PV, Biomass, Wind & Water Turbines, Carbon Capture & Storage & Nuclear, do we risk limited action, can we take the risk?? NO


Development work of PSECC - current


NHS England - NHS Trust Hospitals Renewable Energy

Kenyalight Solar PV project Africa

Ungandalight Solar Pv project

UK Commercial Client base Solar PV & Renewables

Future Solent programme assistance


Biomass Energy Crops -

Solar Farms - Kenya


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