Portsmouth Sustainable Energy & Climate Change Centre - PSECC

Facilitaors for Climate Change Mitigation  - Renewable Energy Technologies, Advice, Grants & funding.


PSECC has been formed to provide advice, support and guidance on Climate Change, Global Warming, Renewable Energy, Grants and Funding provision for the people of Portsmouth, Portsmouth & Hampshire Council’s, Governments, schools, colleges, Commercial & International clients. 

Do not leave Global Warming to others, we must do more, energy efficiency also Renewable Energy - Solar PV, Biomass, Wind & Water Turbines, Carbon Capture & Storage & Nuclear, do we risk limited action, can we take the risk?? NO


The 2050 calculator has been developed to indicate to Governments just how a mixture of different technologies can be used to controal CO2 emissions and thus control Climate Change & Global Warming.t


2050 Pathways - Detailed guidance - GOV.UK


23 Jan 2013 - Department of Energy & Climate Change... The 2050 Calculator is a user-friendly model that lets you create your own UK emissions reduction  ...

Portsmouth City Council are infact driving forward initiatives for others to obtain grants & funding for Environmental Renewables action and are a point of reference for SLEP & PUSH - organisations set up to assist local sustainable growth and to promote Renewable Energy & assist with business grants & funding - WHY are they not doing more in their own City with developing wide spread renewable energies such as Solar PV for all their Council Housing stock and also having Tidal Turbines..

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